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Weird but Delicious

Call it weird and perhaps a little wacky, but you just have to share a few cooking tips that you might think are a little strange, but these tips really make a difference.

I called Martha’s Backyard today to see if they had stock of instant tapioca for my fruit pie and they said it was probably in the next shipment, but had not yet arrived. Whats the solution? You can use a little tapioca flour (3-4 Tbsp ) or regular flour as the peaches are a wet mix and you need a little “ thickening “ as it cooks or it will be too wet !

Angostura bitters creates a bitter & sweet to your pie

Angostura bitters is a new discovery for baking fruit pies. I found this during lock down after reading piles of cookbooks, I noticed a cookbook from a bakery in Brooklyn, USA famous for their fruit pies who were adding splashes of Angostura bitters to all their fruit pie fillings so I tried it and that hit of bitter contrast to the sweet fruit really works.

At the supermarket today Edmonds Rolled Flaky Pastry was only $2.20 - so I quickly rolled out the pastry to a large circle - filled the pie dish with the pastry, then tipped in the fruit mix of bitters, flour and the sugar and simply pulled gently the pastry over lay to the centre and a very easy, rustic tart was then cooked for 45 mins at 210degC then 10 mins at 180degC.

So easy and it looks as good as it tastes

Next installment .....what about Vodka in batter for fish for your next fish and chip treat ..... a work in progress’s thirsty work !

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