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Trips to the Supermarket can be dangerous

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

My top ten tips for planning your next trip to the supermarket.

“Trips to the supermarket can be dangerous to your wallet especially when you’re hungry.”

My top ten supermarket tips for the budget conscious shopper like me! #budgetshopper

  • Be flexible with your options – if you go to the store support the specials and what’s in season.

  • Buying store bought chilled custard – like the Tararua thick and creamy custard #tararua is the best basis for a full confident dessert offering – just add fresh fruit on the side and don’t tell anyone you didn’t make it!

  • Crème fraiche is a great cook’s companion found near the sour cream in the dairy section – add passion fruit pulp (see pantry) and lemon curd and you have a dessert cream and add to savoury options for a divine pasta sauce.

  • Bacon – even end bits and a little chopped ham is a great bonus for savoury cooking gives great flavour.

  • Look out for fresh fish pieces in the seafood section – off cuts of fresh fish makes great fish cakes or could be added to a chowder and it’s usually only a few dollars.

  • Buy buttermilk regularly – perfect if you have to whip up some scones or muffins – it keeps for ages unopened in the fridge and you can use it way beyond the best- before date if unopened.  Often I make scones with buttermilk that is 4 weeks post the best before date and it’s just fine.  It will be lumpy – shake it up before opening.

  • Always remember the best things in a supermarket are on the ends of the aisles and the more processed offerings in the centre – good sellers are usually higher or lower on the shelf than directly at eye level.

  • Always keep some staples, like baked beans on hand and even some UHT milk – so no last minute trips to the dairy where prices are crazy.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables in local fruit markets/specialist shops is usually a better buy – always support the local farmer’s market first. Always check the manager’s special bin – especially in the fruit and vegetable area – you can often get a bargain.

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