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Mushrooms with Blue Cheese


"You can cook this in a pan on the BBQ with excellent results – it’s easy to drizzle the juices back onto the cooking mushroom."


6 large flat mushrooms (do not peel or wash – use a damp cloth to clean)

2 tsp butter

a splosh of oil

4-6 garlic cloves finely minced

6 generous slices of creamy blue cheese

fresh thyme 1-2 tsp fresh thyme for 6 large mushrooms is fine!

pieces of grilled bacon (opt)

3 Tbsp toasted pine nuts


Place the mushrooms cavity side down in the fry pan or baking tin on the BBQ with the butter, oil and garlic. 
Cook very slowly and gently so garlic does not burn and taste aggressive. 
Turn over after a few minutes and place any butter and garlic over the mushroom and fill cavity with the slice of cheese – continue cooking till the cheese melts.
Top with thyme as the cheese cooks.

Serve on fresh spinach or rocket or salad greens or a mixture of both and delicious place in a whole meal roll lightly smeared with a little mayonnaise. 
Bacon and pine nuts can be added. logo
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