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Chilled King Prawns


"This dish is delicious and inexpensive, be as brave as you want with the chilli’s."


500g frozen cleaned, uncooked king prawn tails – defrosted

2 tbsp oil or butter

3 tbsp chilli sauce

1 packet instant noodles

5 tbsp mixed seeds – sunflower, pumpkin sesame, linseed – whatever you have

¼ small green cabbage, core removed, very finely sliced

4 spring onions

1 med grated carrot

Small handful of each fresh mint and coriander

1 batch dressing – see recipe below



¾ cup salad oil

4 tbsp sugar

5 tbsp white vinegar or bottled lime juice

2 tsp grated fresh ginger

2 tsp salt

1 tsp grated pepper

1 red chilli, seeds removed finely diced


1. Place all dressing ingredients into jam jar, seal with the lid and shake well together

2. Heat oil, add the cleaned, defrosted prawns, cover with a lid and cook several minutes until all prawns are pink in colour, remove from heat and stir in the sweet chilli sauce

3. Heat frying pan, then crumble the packet of instant noodles into the pan and lightly toast until they begin to colour, tip into a salad bowl, then add the seeds and toast for two minutes, add to the noodles

4. Add the remaining salad ingredients including dressing to the noodles and seeds, toss well together

5. Serve onto plates and top each with still war prawns together with some of their juices.

6. Decorate with any left over fresh coriander and a slice of chilli is you like a little more spice


Cooks Tip: The only secret to this dish is to be sure only toss the salad ingredients with the noodles just before serving. Or you risk losing the wonderful crunch from the crispy noodles logo
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